Architectural photographer Abu Dhabi city

Being an Architectural photographer Abu Dhabi means that you have a very high sensation of this special art that takes a huge space in Abu Dhabi more and more by years.

Architectural photographer Abu Dhabi is not a career for most of us, especially as tourists who like to see most of the modern and historical buildings in Abu Dhabi and like to take memorial photos for it or with it.

I am Mohammad Hajjar, a professional Architectural photographer Abu Dhabi, and would like to give you some tips about this magnificent art in order to have nice and good photos during your trip.

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Mohammad Hajjar’s tips for the Architectural photographer Abu Dhabi

  • The first and most important thing the Architectural photographer Abu Dhabi must take care of, is the direction of the light. This can affect the contrast and shadows in the photo. Choosing the right place to stand on and take the photo from is one of the most effective factors for a successful photo.
  • The wide angle lens can help the Architectural photographer Abu Dhabi to put the whole sight in one successful photo, amateurs can use it for better photos.
  • Explore the building! That’s right! Exploring every angle of the sight helps you to know the better place to take the photo from.
  • Shoot in various conditions of weather. Sunny, cloudy, rainy and even snowy! One of these different conditions will fit with the building more than the others to get the best photo.

Best photographer in Abu Dhabi

There are always more! Architectural photographer Abu Dhabi has to be creative and sensitive to the different sights. Since you get into this great art, you will never stop learning how to capture the building with all its stories and memories in your photo.

Those were some tips from me “Mohammad Hajjar” to you, in order to help you being better Architectural photographer Abu Dhabi and the world.